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Why Buy Used from Gossett KIA South?

When it comes time for you to purchase a car, truck or SUV, there are a lot of options to weigh. Often, one of the biggest car-buying choices is whether to buy a brand new car or a used car. Each option has its benefits, especially depending on the buyer’s preferences and financial situation.
If you’re leaning in the direction of purchasing a used car, we’re here to help reassure you! Just like buying new, buying used has several advantageous too, and can help you save a lot of money. Read on for a list of some of the biggest benefits that come from purchasing a used car!


One of the biggest benefits to buying a used car is avoiding depreciation. Brand new vehicles’ value can potentially decline due to depreciation​ once they are driven off a dealership lot. Depreciation levels depend on the brand of a particular car, the model’s popularity, its quality and many other factors. Purchasing a used car allows you to avoid​ depreciation and get the vehicle at a better overall value, especially if you plan to sell your vehicle after a few years.


It’s no secret that buying a used car allows you to save a big chunk of change. As previously mentioned, new vehicles depreciate simply by being bought, making used cars significantly less expensive. Buyers also tend to have a lot more room to haggle with sellers when it comes to used cars. In addition to the vehicle’s price, there’s a good chance save money on insurance for your used car, as it’s generally cheaper to insure an older car.

More for the Money

Purchasing a used car can mean that you can purchase a higher trim-level car for less money. Two-to-three-year-old cars are a great value when comparing prices and features to brand new cars. Most of the time, you can get a used car that’s fully loaded for less than a new car at a base trim level. Be sure to check for model year updates to see how far back a vehicle’s features go!
Those are just a few of the benefits to buying a used vehicle – there are plenty more advantages in addition to these! If you’re still considering which road to take, come visit us at Gossett KIA South. Our dedicated team is here to help you out at every step in the car buying process. We’ll help you weigh your options and figure out if purchasing a great used car is the way to go.
While you’re here, be sure to check out our great used car inventory, which includes plenty of used KIA cars and SUVs! Our friendly sales staff will help you into the right car to fit your lifestyle. For more information, give us a call at (901) 405-4932!

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